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Brødrene Grimm

A girl is promised away at birth to a witch and is entrapped alone in a tower at the age of 12. One day a prince comes by... Læs mere


Snow White

Brødrene Grimm

This enchanting tale from The Brothers Grimm is famous because of it’s depiction as a Disney Movie. In this story, Snow White, the princess, is attempted murdered by... Læs mere

ulven og gedekiddet

The wolf and the kid


There was once a little Kid whose growing horns made him think he was a grown-up Billy Goat and able to take care of himself. Læs mere

oernen og alliken

The eagle and the jackdaw


An Eagle, swooping down on powerful wings, seized a lamb in her talons and made off with it to her nest. Læs mere



Welcome to this cozy little corner of the internet with lots of exciting stories and adventures. Here you’ll find the best tales for kids sorted by other visitors votes.

The stories are sorted by two main categories. Bedtime stories are short and meant especially for the small ones. Adventure Tales are a bit longer and can have a slight more sinister theme. This category is better for the slightly older kids.

Enjoy the stories and sleep tight!