Bedtime stories with animals

Are the kids asking for a bedtime with animals? You find free stories about animals to read at bedtime here. Kids loves a good bedtime story and if it includes small funny, sweet or perhaps even a bit dangerous animals it's even better.


Stories about animals

Kids love animals and stories with and about animals. Just think of Disney - every adult an all children know characters from Disney. Mice, horses, cats, sneaky foxes and other exciting species, represents goodness, kindness and the less flattering qualities also found in us humans. The animals represent humans and although they may be very caricatured, we can probably all see some of us selves or others in the roles of the animals.

Bedtime stories about dogs, cats and other beloved animals

Here in Denmark we love our dogs, cats and other pets and yes, that probably applies all over the world :-) But in addition to bedtime stories about dogs and cats (which we are working to get), stories and fairy tales are often about animals and often it is animals like lions, wolves and other intriguing and dangerous animals. The animals often have roles in the stories adapted to our perception of them, or perhaps our perception of them has partly arisen from their roles in the stories? In any case, lions are often mighty, wolves and foxes cunning and evil. Mice also often find a role as the little one who overcomes big challenges.

Animals have a very special role in many of the fables - here we have created a category where you can read some of the many good fables, small short stories with morals. is mobile-optimized and is therefore suitable when you want to read free goodnight stories on iPad, mobile, tablet or PC.